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Serving your precious automobiles since 1968, Rhyme ‘n Rhythm is now a name to be reckoned with. Located in south Mumbai, we are one of the oldest car care institution serving four decades of generations. Build on the solid lines of trust, we have revamped and bought back innumerable engines to life. Our store has a plethora of accessories for your mini home on wheels. There are various gadgets, audio-video entertainment devices and every other ornamentation that you need for your prized vehicle.

Our service is also extended to professional car décor. If you believe in standing out, we can also customize the preferences as per your demand. Beneath the glamour, we also care for your safety. There are wide ranges of safety devices for you. Besides this, we have Rhyme’n Rhythm’s Autokool, that render services like car air-conditioning installations, repairing and servicing of car A/C’s.

Our Hot Wheel Car Rentals  is a car rental service center made just for you. You can rent a car irrespective of distances. You can also opt for the chauffer services who carry their own phones to facilitate the customers.

Car Care Paradise  is our newest addition that takes care of the exterior and the interiors of the car. We use the technology of steam vapor to keep your vehicles looking brand new. You know, it’s more than just the engine we care about.


Our Car rental services are one of the best features we have for you. You can book a car for your long and short journeys. Distances don’t matter, really. The good part about it is that if you don’t wish to drive, we have chauffer services at your disposal. Each one is trained to provide our customers, a smooth and a hassle free ride.


We have a new and an additional feature for our patrons. Rhyme ‘n Rhythm presents you with Home Automation services. We have every audio and video requirements that you will need to enliven your abode. We are absolutely enthused about this feature. We are happy to extend our expertise to you home now. Look inside for more details.